Use Your Money for (Your) Good

Socially Responsible Investing is an investment strategy that seeks to match financial investments with companies that have strong environmental, social, and/or corporate governance track records. Put simply, it allows individuals to align their finances with their values (put even more simply, it’s a win-win). While there’s often a disconnect between the choices we make each day to stay true to our values and the way that we invest our money, it doesn’t have to be this way! We truly believe that anyone can invest in responsible companies; we just have to find the right companies with the right fit for you.

Here’s what that means for you:


    Whether it’s investing only in environmentally conscious companies, those committed to social justice, or paying attention to ethical corporate governance, we give the power to the people (that’s you).

    Our primary goal is to listen to your needs, find appropriate solutions, and make sure you’re happy with the process. Really, that’s it.

    We listen to what you have to say and make sure your dollars and cents are aligned with what matters to you, unique individual that you are. Whatever your values are, we can create an investment portfolio that fits with your financial needs and your individual values.

We’re Different in More Ways Than One

We all have values. We’re here to talk about yours.

Some firms make assumptions about what their clients actually want. Luckily, we aren’t some firms. At SWM, we work towards a deeper understanding of our clients and their values. Tell us your dreams, what matters most to you, and your goals for the future and we can create an investment portfolio that aligns with what you believe in.

By incorporating your personal values with your financial investments, you can help build a better tomorrow without foregoing the opportunity for growth. Now that’s smart business. Find Out More

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